Case Study - Ancuta Sarca

An innovative voice in the footwear game, Ancuta Sarca reimagines shoes towards a more sustainable world. Her distinctive sneaker-heel hybrid creations embody the juxtapositions of masculinity and femininity, vintage and modern, sportswear and luxury.

Ancuta Sarca
3D Printed Luna Wedge
Launch Date
14 weeks
Printed parts
Reclaimed materials


Ancuta Sarca marked a creative expansion into the world of 3D footwear, putting a completely new stamp on how the world views luxury footwear design. This is the first 3D-printed heel that combines harder nylons and softer TPU printed within one assembly, opening up a completely new range of design possibilities that still embody the performance and comfort that 3D promises.

Beyond the bold and modern styling of the footwear line, this launch showcased the speed of the new HILOS platform, going from first conversation to launch in just four months.

Methods of Make

  • String-lasting
  • 3D-printed
  • Modular assembly
  • Leather-wrapped 3D

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