Living Systems - Studio

Inventing new tools and methods of make for a digital future of product. Focusing on playful, modular, glue-free, circular design systems for footwear and accessories.

An Agile Workflow - Accelerate the launch of your next product line.

  • Design.

    Chase the impossible. 3D unlocks a new level of design freedom that traditional molds and tooling just can't touch.

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  • Make.

    Make less with more. Our signature assembly methods reduce parts and labor, saving you time and money.

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  • Launch.

    Print on-demand with zero waste. Offer completely new lines with as few as 100 pair MOQs in 30 days.

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MAGIC™ stands for Modular Assemblies for Generative and Integrated Components. This circular design system is our studio playbook to showcase capabilities and shape novel expressions.

  • Method of Make

    Newly patented forms of assembly for a high-craft, low-waste future for footwear.

  • Impossible Geometries

    Design depth that extends to the inside of a material.

  • Elevated Craft

    Details and finishes that amplify the hand of the maker.

Method of Make

Method of Make

Impossible Geometries

Method of Make

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Studio works with select partners from concept to production on lighthouse product lines at the cutting edge of design.