Technology for the sake of craft.

An end-to-end product creation platform for brands to design, make, and remake without waste.

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  • Studio

    Studio is our innovation lighthouse. We partner with iconoclasts to launch products that exemplify the future of craft.

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  • OS Platform

    OS is our software app for design teams to bring the speed and creativity of 3D into real-world product made on the factory floor.

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Lighthouse Brands

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Studio works with select partners from concept to production on lighthouse product lines at the cutting edge of design.

An Agile Workflow - Accelerate the launch of your next product line.

  • Design.

    Chase the impossible. 3D unlocks a new level of design freedom that traditional molds and tooling just can't touch.

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  • Make.

    Make less with more. Our signature assembly methods reduce parts and labor, saving you time and money.

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  • Launch.

    Print on-demand with zero waste. Offer completely new lines with as few as 100 pair MOQs in 30 days.

The shoemaker was the world's first technologist.

As a civilization, we will never stop creating. Our vision is a creative economy without waste; one where the speed, creativity, and dynamism of our world is matched by a 3D printed, zero waste supply chain.

By blending new tools like 3D printing and generative design with traditional materials and artistry, we provide the design flexibility and speed of 3D but anchored in the heritage of craftsmanship.